hIEw invading IPOH

I will not be in town as I'll be going Ipoh with leepeng attending my friend's house warming party...
weird huh going house warming party in ipoh..hehe...

my main objectives is to eat eat eat eat in Ipoh...

hopefully can eat lots of good food in Ipoh and blog aboug it soon..hehe....

so see ya people next week and have a great weekend...cheers

Giordano Concepts Fashion Show @ Pavilion

I know there are lots of you have posted lots of Pavilion fashion show...So now its the time for my lil cam (A710is) showing its ability....cant do much but this is all I can get...if you have comment on those pictures do let me know...I need to improve my skill..hehe

***1st time saw its entrance and its freaking HUGE!!!!and i was wondering will the word Pavilion fall down?hmm because its just sticking'hanging' there***

***Before I notice there is a fashion show on going, LeePeng and I were impress with its spacious design...everything its sooooo HUGE***

***Then I run further down try to get a nice place to shot those models....***

***Posing giler...of cause la..model ma...what else they do beside posing on stage?hehe***

***"ahkwong where are you???"***
***I like the coatjacket...its so stylish***

***Another poser***

***Giordano Concepts...their new concept store...***

***A view from top***
***Taken from 6th floor and damn high can....my leg also numb already...***
Thats all for today..somemore today got 2 update already...happy?hehe
will post more food soon....see ya...

Dinner @ South Pacific, PJ

Me finally become hardworking in updating my post...unlike some other people...lol...
Last week, my colleague and I went to South Pacific to have a nice and wonderful dinner...Been to this restaurant a few times but keep on forgotten to bring my camera when ever I going there...

***Restaurant South Pacific its the place we went and it is nice to sit outside if is not raining of cause..hehe***

***Our 1st dish, butter calamari...I love it so much especially its butter crispy...***

***Next we have dry chilli chicken (Kung Po Chicken) OMG...my saliva dropping now...i mean now....!!!***

***Sorry for the blur pic...this is salted fish kailan...we felt cheated for this dish because of its portion its so small and its not enough for 6 of us...***

***One of my oldtime favourite...claypot toufu..***

***This is one of their famous dish I think...Green mussells cook with vietnamese style...which is nice too...***

***Lastly we have Venison with kapitan style(some sort of masala style...i pressume...please correct me if i wrong..hehe)...I like their venison too because they marinated it and it goes well with the sauce..Actually we wanted black pepper but the lady mixed up and gave us this instead which is good also..hehe***

After updating this entry i think my saliva wet can my whole keyboard..lol..anyway...thats all for today and me going to watch heroes now...kaka...will update soon..hehe..ciaoz

A Trip

I was browsing my friend's friendster picture gallery because she just came back from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

While browsing her pictures, she was having so much fun there. Even though I been to Kota Kinabalu before...then I was thinking if I could get out of KL and go somewhere for a relaxing trip....

I feel like I need to recharge my body with holidays...instead of sleeping...hehe weird huh...I'm sure everyone of you will have different way of charging your own body battery...

I wonder when will my next beach/oversea holiday...? btw signing off now....see ya peeps soon...

Lim Kee Pan Mee @ Taman Tayton

I think this is a super duper old post..would like to post a food review to cheer up your mondays...hehe Few weeks ago, followed my brother's advice and tried this Lim Kee Pan Mee...

***This is how the shop looks like. It is located at Taman Tayton, same row as 3U Restaurant which I mentioned in my blog earlier this month***

***Their Specialty...PanMee..I like their soup based...its purely cooked with anchovis ( ikan bilis - hope the english spelling is correct, if i tpye it wrongly please correct me)***
***They have Pork noodle too....***

***Their soup based for the pork noodle tasted better than the panmee...I think because it is boiled by pork bone...***

***The only snack they have which is Sui Kao...it consists of carrot, radish, some other unidentified veges and few fresh prawns...RM1 or RM1.20 per piece***
Quite satisfy with their food here and I'll definately come back here soon....the environment quite comfortable..you will not feel the heat from outside even though its a super duper hot day (Its not an aircond restaurant...)
Thats all for my brief monday post...more review coming soon...hope you guys have a great monday ahead...good nite and signing out now...hehe


I know its too late but...still wanna dedicated this post to you as promised..hehe...
anyway...happy birthday 2 ya and I had a great time there...
just got 1 pic from my cam...its a bit blur...which I took with the bday gal....
I think she had a great time herself...because so many ppl sing bday song for her...hehe..will post other photos soon...hehe...ciao peeps