what i've did on Saturday

fuh fuh....me finally back at updating my blog here....hehe..been missing since last friday...coz mourning for my camera ma...hehe..just joking la...On this entry would like to share with you guys where I've been throughout the weekend....first of all...LeePeng and I visited Bagan Lalang together with Wai Sum and Josephine. We reach there around 5pm and just nice for kite flying and checking out the sunset... Check out the pics below which is taken by LeePeng's Canon A400 Power Shot...hehe.. so if not nice please say oo...

***LeePeng tried to pose but....dunno what went wrong..hehe***
***Trying to shoot Josephine from far so that she didnt notice***
***Sigh...KARMA...always shoot ppl without ppl noticing but I kena pulak...***
***Did a group shoot with them coz the sky so so blue***
***me : "Dik...eh...itu layang layang aku la...!!"***
***We did a camwhore ourself also...hehe***
***LeePeng took this sunset shoot....hmm...nice or not***
***I took this sunset pic and that time was too late to take ledi...sigh***
***LeePeng pose for me when sitting at the swing...hehe***
***Did a macro shot flower and the sunset***
***Path to noway??***
After camwhoring around the beach area, we went to some malay 'ikan bakar'(grilled fish) restaurant to try out the local food there but there is nothing great to talk about because I think the grilled fish in Kuala Lumpur taste a lot better...hehe..thats for on Saturday and will continue on my next entry about Relay of Life experience..check it out ya..