Random shots of Malacca

Since I receive some complaints from some ppl so I decided to stop posting food entries although I got lots need to update...hehe...so now I would like to show you guys some pic I took when I in Malacca...
***Some old shop lot which is not occupied...***

***me to pigeon : "Hey...look at me...u gonna featured in my blog..kaka***

***A macro shot taken opposite the Christ Church***

***Another flower....wanna shot with the bee or some insect but it flew away...sigh***

***Flower shot***

***The 3 poser...posing infront of the windmill***

***Need a heart?hehe***

***super duper old skul wooden window...me faster took this pic and 'cabut' scare got some aunty use a broom to whack me***
***Nite is falling....nearly fall on me...hehe***

***The nite has fall and looks like its gonna rain....***

***Its us outside Dataran Pahlawan...hehe***

***Lots of ppl at the nite market of Jonker Street...too bad they dont have lots choices to shop here...(according to Leepeng because I dont buy..hehe)***
Hope you guys enjoy the pics here...will do continue food posting soon.....dont angry wor...hehe...

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My monday entry its about Yatz's tag...hehe....so that I can stop posting food for a while but will resume shortly
Facts/Habits of Me, Myself and I

1. I love beaches so much that I wanted to go at least once a year

2. I love to eat...especially delicious food...

3. My working time its a very odd 1...(you wont believe me if i tell u...hehe)

4. I not really fancy about candy

5. I only being permitted to go out late When I entered collage

6. I not a fan of any singer or actor, if the songs nice to listen or the drama nice to watch...i'll listen or watch..hehe

7. I got lots of complain from ppl that I always cause them hungry when they visit my blog...sigh

8. I'm a new starternoob of photography...hehe


That's all from me..Now I shall tag :

all of u who wanna do..keke but i doubt no one will do