My Beloved Brother is fine!!!!

Hi guys sure will wondering why I have not blogging again...I have a shocking story to tell and here it goes

Yesterday morning, when I was enjoying my breakfast...I receive a phone call from my brother and he told me he met an accident in Kulai (30KMs to Johor Bahru)...I was like OMFG and panic..
I woke my mother up and we rush to Kulai Hospital where my brother was adminitted. There is another thing that I dont feel good of Malaysian's road sign. I was lost half way searching for the hospital because there were only road sign after toll house and there were none of them after that...Nice huh...

Besides that, my brother lost his phone, PSP, and his camera (my old ones) sigh...most probably is stolen by the 'other people'....sigh....I know as long as my brother is fine I dont care but come on, those are our belongings, cant those people leave it back to my brother...screw them!!

BTW...Thanks for all the concern, my bro is fine now and he is having a minor concursion which need some time to recover...


We manage to locate my brother as my uncle who is working nearby went to visit him 1st before we arrive in Kulai...I must thank god every minute from now because his condition was stable but one of his rib bones was fractured but no worries, he is fine now. While waiting the transfer from Kulai to KL, my mother and uncle went to check on the condition of the car and here are the superb pitures....

I not sure whether can the car claimed as total lost but there will be an adjuster to check on the car's condition

I'm gonna get some sleep now...will update on my brother soon...

Thank you Streamyx

Its been a while since my last update. I was away and my internet connection at home was down as well...thats explain why i'm so lazy to update my blog...hehe

Last weekend, I went for a model photoshoot which organized by some nice shots.....but this is the best natural shot that I took....upload 1 pic tahan 1st...hehe...

***Her name is Ying Ying...she was analysing the pose that she gonna post...***

I know its a bit late but would like to wish all my indian friends and colleague happy depavalli...!