ARGH!!!!my cam got stolen

haih~~just receive a call from my bro and he told me that his car got broke in and some asshole stole his bag...thanks god he was ok...then he tell me what are the things are lost and one of the thing i didnt expect is MY DIGI CAM!!!!!sigh X 100...i have not check out the damages he got on his car....

hopefully not so serious...curse x 100 on that thief...and now I have to get a new camera liao...but definately not DSLR yet....because my financial so limited....sigh....need to spend again...lucky my pictures are backup and didnt lose any photo but what if the thief recognize me? AIKS...die lo...but whatever happens also my bro was ok...then ok liao..just that need 2 buy cam only...

haih~~better dont think too much...and concentrate on work....will update more on the damages....SIGH!!!!!

Pig Organ Pepper Soup @ Taman Midah

I hope you guys dont freak out when you see the title of this entry...yeah...LeePeng and I visited a stall in Taman Midah which famous with its Pig Organ Pepper Soup. It is located at the entrance of the main road of Taman Midah. I've been going this place few months back but I forgotten to bring my camera...this time I finally remember my lil cam...hehe

***Check out the amount of the organzzzzz they give....and the soup....taste so is recommended by hIEw if you like these kind of food***

***Besides pig organ soup...they have a lot of Hakka dishes for example this stew Pork with salted fish...damn nice can!!!***

Another thing I like their stall is their liong shui(Herbal tea) its good to drink if you have sore throat or something...hehe...For both of the dishes we ordered it only cost us around rm15 including the drinks and the person who serve us very nice and she explain to us how they prepare every dishes...hehe..

Random shots again..

hehe....actually I wanted to show somemore food review but scare you gyus will blame me for your hungriness so this time decided to show you guys some for random shots from my lil digital cam Kodak EasyShare LS743 showing its ability to take nice pictures...of course it won't be as nice as dslr cam ma....hehe

***So clear can!!its hard to take a clear sky pic these days oo....lucky leh...***

***I know my phone its just K700i but just to test out my cam ma..hehe***

***A view of Lot 10 and the Fuyooh station(Sungai Wang Monorial station) from 6th floor of Sungai Wang***

***Nice reflection from Taman Gelora, Kuantan***

***Another clear sky snap under the roof of Curve***

***Cheaper can??***

***Damansara Cineleisure with its clear sky***

***A sunset view from Oversea Union Garden(OUG) Plaza***

Thats all folks...showing my picture database to you next entry might be food again better get ready......ciaoz....hehe