Furniture From Home

I know me not going to update any food post or any picture post but I came across this Furniture store and their design actually amazed me. As some of your guys know, I’m working with quite numbers of UK clients, most of the time I got to know that some of them are working from home. I was wondering myself sometimes its so nice working from home. But working from home we will need to have a comfort working environment. I believe Furniture home's home office furniture really provide those comfort although I have never used their product before. By looking at the picture on the website, it’s just so nice and elegant for me.

While surfing on the website, I notice their living room furniture looks nice too. I like their leather sofa because of its luxurious look and feel of top quality leather, offered with some protection. The sofa that caught my attention, Dark Brown Leather Living Room Furniture Sofa Set has nail head trim and accent stitching details that add to the rustic character of the frame. I’m just speechless when I browse through their product because they explain it so thorough. After seeing some nice living room sofa set, I noticed that their dining room furniture nice too. I’m a typical Chinese guy so I not really fancy of rectangle tables, I still prefer round table which Chinese people believes its meant for re-union. Besides this, they offer bar stool chairs on the website too. You will have the options to choose the kind of metal and upholstery which is so convenient for lazy people like us.

One of the features I notice from this furniture home website is their shopping cart features. It is easy to use, user friendly shopping cart where you can remove and add at anytime. Besides that they do have tips for you to refer when you are buying furniture. As a conclusion, this website just making our life easy and we do not need to visit the furniture shop.

No Updates

No updates for these few days because I have not edited all my pictures yet...I'll be back next the mean time...check out this song....i like the song so much...its a sad song but i not emo ok?hehe...just love the song.....



漆黑的K房裡 圍住

喉嚨呼出 每個生字

這歌詞 原來碰倒他痛苦處



然而啤酒 仍苦得相當諷刺

讓我關門 利用咪高峰哭喊幾次*

#沒有歌 怎敢說心事

受了傷 始終怕別人知

我和你吻別 在無人的街


沒有歌 怎敢說心事

受了傷 點首更絕情詩(始終怕別人知)

你的背包 讓我走的好緩慢

陳奕迅那首歌 是唱得他自己

沒有歌 做人 只懂苦唱怎去遮風避雨# Repeat * #

last but not least enjoy your weekends ya....

Dinner @ Kafe Strawberry Fields

Approximately 3weeks ago, Anthony (my colleague) and I went to this Kafe Strawberry Fields for dinner at PJ State..As usual, its quite crowded. This cafe focus more on its thai food which is nice as I tried last time but didnt bring my camera...Finally this time I brought my camera there and took some of the nice food there...
***Their huge...looks like a photo album..hehe***

***check out the crowd there...but what amaze me is that their food came quite fast... ***

***This is what i ordered...Toufu with minced meat of the reason I like their food is because its large and can 'cure' my hunger which only cost me RM5.9...hehe ***

***Anthony ordered this...Fish head meehoon...tasted just nice....especially its soup...nicely done ***

***Last but not of my favourite...fried sambal calamari which only RM8.90 and its worth the money based on its portion...*** post gonna be Junn's bday party I think....or food post or.....sigh...having difficulties to ya..

Tauge Ayam KueTiau @ Ipoh

After discovered the drive thru taufu fa...we have nothing to do...therefore we ended up in Ipoh Parade...from what I observe...Ipoh Parade its like The Sungei Wang in looking at those shop losts its quite old...
letz fast forward the Ipoh Parade part...after loitering around Ipoh Parade...we are thinking where to have our lunch before we head back to KL...
our tour guide suggest us to Restaurant Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Keutiao...I heard some comments from my friends saying that thier food not so impressing but nothing we can do as that is the only restaurant open in that area....
OMG..I think I better cut the crap and show you guys the pictures...

***This is the place we went...Lou Wong (Old translation)***

***We ordered 1 whole chicken...could not describe thoroughly because their meat just tasted differently...and tasted delicious....slurpzzzz***

***Their meat balls...I like their meat balls because they included some dried calamari in it..damn nice....woohoo***

***Their kuetiao soup works well chickens and meat balls...consider one of the best combination...There is 1 thing that shocks me is that their soup consists of quite lots of sesame oil...for some of you that don't like sesame oil...I'll suggest you go for rice instead of kuetiao...***

***One of the main dishes of the day...tauge aka bean sprout...their bean sprout its different compare to those in KL....because theirs look 'fatter' and darn juicy..hehe***

***Last but not least....our group pic...and thanks to the fatty guy..he is our tour guide...thanks ya*** Ipoh post gonna end here....Monday its going to end soon...hope you had a great monday ya....will post more food soon...ciaoz...