Satay King

Its been long time i didnt post some food post which that is my purpose of blogging. Its like I have lost my way sometimes...anyway....If you guys notice...I did not blog about any foods that I had during my hong kong if I didnt eat at you go...these are one of the shop that I've been in Mong Kok area....The name of the restaurant is Satay first I thought they sells satay here in Hong Kong...I wonder how nice is their version of satay...furthermore, I notice that they have lots of franchise too...but after checking out their seems like they dont sell any satay but they offer varieties of food....which everything is so nice...kaka

***1st dish of the day....this soup makes us damn hungry because of its spiciness and its sourness***

***This is one of the best brocolli that I have ever tried...***

***Fried soft shell crab is one of my all time favourites too....its totally a different dish here as here in KL we only can taste tempura soft shell crab....***

***I not sure how to explain what Pik Fong Tong is...only 1 word that I can describe...which is DELICIOUS***

***I not sure why but HK version of carrot cake its just so nice and not so oily***

***Finally we had our dessert where I have never tried in KL before...but I heard Sri Petaling has a similar version of the dessert and yet I have no time to try on that....sigh***
Here is my short lil post....had a rough day during work and after work...hopefully everything is alright!!!!

Taman Pertanian Malaysia Photo shooting session

I have finally uploaded all my pictures into blogger and today was fast. i think there is some error with the server...

This was almost 2 weeks ago, Fattien suggested us..which include of Fattien himself, Hung Wei, Eugene, Eri, Joshua, Leepeng and I go to Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Shah Alam. This place quite famous for its four season house and its 'greeness' of the park...
***A group shot before we start paddle our hearts out!!***

***The tree so tall but not the tallest tree I've seen...the tallest I saw located at Poring Park, Kota Kinabalu...***
***We were stun when we saw the slope...all of us pengsan and take a rest before climbing this...hehe***

***Beautiful planted bambo next to the paddy field***
***The trios next to the lake***

***The lovely Eugene and Eri***
***She can become a model too...hehe...Eugene and Fattien sure happy***
***Thanks to Hungwei for this pic...***
***I saw a water lily(I pressume, please correct me if I'm wrong)...alone chamz***

***Abandon boat on the lake's chamz***
Before I end the post...there is a picture that I would like to share with you guys

HOW HOW?Classic or not?hehe
Anyway...gonna stop here and shall prepare for me next post...hehe

fedup hIEw!!

I have tried to upload my pictures 3 hours ago and I only can upload 3 pictures out of 10...I not sure what happen to blogger. I'm sure its not Tm net's fault because I can log other website normally. Sigh...

Sorry guys, will keep uploading pictures and update my blog soon, so many ppl complaining already