Dinning out @ Zen Japanese Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

One fine Saturday night, a few of us were craving for japanese and korean food...too bad there were not fine Korean food in Sunway Pyramid. Therefore, we don't care the price and went to Zen Japanese Restaurant

***Lets zen!!!*

***They were so excited when checking the menu and don't know what to order...***

***The man behind the gigantic gadget is craving for more BEEF***

***One of the best best best Unagi Oshizushi I tried....When I put the whole piece into my mouth, the unagi meat just melt inside my mouth...its just unbelievable***

***We ordered this as our snack too...Kani No Mentaimayo Yaki and its only cost us RM13...***

***I ordered this Kaisen Kakiagejyu which stands for fried prawn and fried vege...more a less like tempura don***

***Hung Wei ordered this Shashimi Set...damn nice oo***

***Hung Wei sister ordered only this and it is more than enough...she ordered Gyuniku Misoyaki and according to them, it is one of the best marinated beef they have ever tried...***

***Lastly, Leepeng ordered Sake Don and this sake can just melt inside your mouth....its just irresistible..hehe***

Weekend is here and hope you guys have a GREAT weekend ahead...!!!

Its been 2 years

I'm blogging for 2 years? Na...ITS our 2nd anniversary of our relationship...hehe

Some said 2 years just a short time but some said :"Wow...so long!!" There are so many ways to define time...For Leepeng and I, 2 years just a blink away where we had started the relationship for exactly 2 years...

p/s : pardon me with my photoshop skill...i took hours to do this...can pengsan ledi..hehe

Throughout the 2 years, we had gone through lots of 'stuffs' together which had spices up our life pretty much..both of us had our down time and we will comfort each other to calm the person down ...

I'm sure we gonna put more and more spice in our life to make it more tastier and not bitter or sourer...hehe...don't you think so? 

ANYHOW.....I must say this....



Today as is 26th of April I have attended Jed's last bachelor birthday....which is damn awsome....!!!! and he got the best present in his life.....I'm so happy for you....heheh

Anyhow....this is the picture that we took....almost every1 also came...lol...

After reading Jen's blog..I feel excited too but feeling sad in the same time BECAUSE MAN UTD lost at Stanford Bridge which will not be crowned as champion in Stanford Bridge...so sad can...sigh but anyhow...Jed''s birthday had bring me lots of fun...hehe...

gtg now, have a great sunday ya!!

hIEw signing out...