hIEw's Lang Tengah Trip : Part II

Before I start my entry..would like to wish Jed happy birthday..although me met him only once but he is a nice cool big guy..hehe...and FINALLY..Part two is here....hmm...let me think where did I stop on my previous entry...haha...OH YEAH....we sat inside a boat already and head towards the island. It took approximately 1 hour to reach the island. While we on the boat, we did some cam shooting but some took by Akiko's cam...hehe...Lets check out the pics and I'll slowly story you guys through...

***Check out the splashes that produced by the boat....damn wet can***

***This guy(dunno his name)...he very kind..bring us go hop here n there...thanks ya***

***LeePeng : "Here I come and PEACE!!hehe"In order to reach the reception lobby, we'll need to jump into the water to walk to the reception lobby***

*** Those picture b4 this lovely pic all taken by Akiko's cam because my cam resting for the whole afternoon aka charging..hehe***

***The sun gonna set but not yet...and check out that little boy...he so active...run here and there***

***Check out the water.....super damn freaking clear can!!!***

***While we playing...Kim Hoong found something which is very common there - sea cucumber. What we waiting for...of coz we shot some pics..hehe***

***Thanks Akiko for taking this lovely pic...***

***Its between safe, unsafe zone...and the SUN***

***Its me and Leepeng again....nice pic huh...hehe***

***Relaxing moment especially when there is wind blowing ur face....***

***Thank you Mr Coconut Tree for posing for me***

***This time no face being shot..only shadow***

***In the mood of love***
This is the end for DAY 1...update my entry tomorrow la...cheers from hiew..hope u guys enjoy the pics~~!!

hIEw @ Lang Tengah : Part 1

wWwEeEee~~~me finally back from my trip and I got time to get onto my 1st post of my Lang Tengah Trip. It was a superb trip I had since my last trip to Langkawi with the guys(Yatz, Hikaru, Deral). Although is a super tiring trip I must say I had lots of fun during this trip. The reason I was tired because I have to travel at least 7 hours by bus to reach the Jetty. Imagine that, 7 hours wei....haha.....scary oo... Lets check out the pic and i'll story you guys 1 by 1

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***We raech the jetty 2 hours earlier and got nothing to do so did some cam shots, this kid eventually guarding the toilet and collect fees from the visitors***

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***Some plant on the river bank, i risk my life to take this pic...so close to the edge***

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***LeePeng : "Aiyoh....the boat so long not yet come 1 ar....boring la***

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***Of couse i wont forget to take a pic of ourself..haha

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***(L>R) Kim Hoong and Akiko, of course LeePeng post for me also***

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***Around 9.45am, our boat came and we quickly grab a nice place to seat***

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***I wonder who sat at chair previously***

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***Its Kim Hoong and his beloved gf from Hong Kong, Akiko***
Thats it for today....check out more again tomorrow when we reach the island....hehe....

hIEw is back!!

weEEee~~!!! hIEw finally back from his trip but he is too tired to upload photos of his trip...hehe....boy and gals.....just bare with me few more days and I'll post all my nice nice pic for u guys from Lang Tengah....I love there so much and I thinking of extend my stay for few more nights but.....due to heavy work load....tomorrow have to back to work......sob sob....as intro...I'll let you guys check out one of the pic from the island...hehe

***Never ending journey***

p/s : still more to come....stay tuned!!!