Review about Malaysia International Aerospace Adventure 2007

Since this year is Visit Malaysia year...would like to talk about the exhibition that Malaysia Government gonna organize next month...its name is Malaysia International Aerospace Adventure 2007 (MIA not Missing In Action ok?? 2007) by looking at its name you will know is an aerospace will be held in Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Selangor, Malaysia from 28th July 2007 to 30th September 2007. .Accroding to the website, you can experience space in this other have visited outer space without going outer space..hehe cool or not...

The ticket prices are as below :
Adult : 14 USD (Approximately RM49.00)
Child (3-12 years old) : 8 USD (Approximately RM28)
Venue : Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport(Subang Airport)

Short short review of Heart of Greed

***Thank you Wikipedia for the poster...!!!***

I think Eri talk about this drama before in her blog but I would like to share this Hong Kong drama which I'm watching recently because it is a very nice drama..the name of the drama is Heart of Greed...this drama damn famous can because Wikipedia also got its information...haha...actually I didnt plan to watch this drama so soon due to the 'super fast speed' provided by TM encourage me more to watch the drama...hehe...This drama is about a family who owns a Chinese dried-seafoods store specialising in abalones, which eventually expanded into several chain stores over the years and also owns shop-units which they lease out...due to the wealthyness of the family...there will be some jealousy among the family members and this caused war of words here and there....quite interesting to watch...I hope this will be shown in Astro soon but normally it will took them 1 year of delay...hehe...

Madam Kwan @ Mid Valley

yo!!!!i know i've been asked to update my blog by everyone of you guys...hehe but me busy la...its been a while me didnt intro about the restaurant me visited as I dont have a nice camera to show you guys the picture...BUT this time....nseries nkwai tagged along with me so I got nice nice food pic to show it goes..Last Saturday...a few of LeePeng and me...nkwai...josephine and wai sum met up for Fantastic 4...before we head to cinema...we wanted to have something first before the show...and Madam Kwan is our dinner destination...the ambiance was nice and services provided by the waiters there was excellent...hehe...and pictures below was extracted from nkwai's Canon E350D...thanks for the pics ya...

***This is Nasi Lemak Madam Kwan which LeePeng ordered...hehe***

***This is Nasi Bojari(i think) which ordered by nkwai it has fried dumpstick, beef rendang and sambal shrimp...looks so nice***

***This Curry Laksa ordered by me myself and the currey gravy taste so nice because the amount of santan(Coconut milk) they used just nice....hehe***

***After main course, we ordered some desserts and this is one of the desserts...ABC(Ice blended with syrup and chendols)...***
***Last but not least...this dessert is ordered by nkwai and its name is fried banana with vanila ice cream....***
***Check out the ambiance...looks so cozy and relaxing***

*** Ambiance number 2...the inner part of the restaurant...lucky its not crowed and the food came quite fast...hehe***
Here you go....these are my food review for the weekend....gonna update soon gah la....dont so gan cheong ya....kaka