JOGOYA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure some of you know that I seldom launch a complain in my blog and I suppose everyone will have their 1st time. By looking at the subject, you should know what I'm complaining on. Ok, here goes the story.

29th of April its a very special date for Leepeng and I because it was our anniversary date. Due to the importance of the occasion, I have manage to get a buy 1 free 1 coupon dinner at Jogoya. I was so excited because I can enjoy a delicious buffet which I had in few years back. Before we head to Jogoya, I've called Jogoya for 1 week plus in advance but there were no one answering the phone or the line busy. Suprisingly, I managed to call them two days back and they told me that they were fully book on 29th April and its difficult to get place if walk in. I thought of not wasting the coupon, so I decided to walk in and we saw around 10 ppl is waiting because they were like us walking in as well. Even though we are walking in, we were not being ask by the receptionist number of person and the waiting number? Stupid huh?...

After waiting for 20 mins, they told us that they got a table but four person have to sit in 1 table and we were ok with it even tough sitting with strangers. After paying the bill, the waiter lead us to table 99 which I presume is the 2nd last table in Jogoya. When we reach table 99, we notice that the table damn freaking huge where 15 person can be fit on the table. I was like...WTF? Sitting with 13 other strangers in a round table? Thats freakingly odd. For some of you that visited Jogoya before, we need to place our clip to order cooked food and our table was table 99 and were sitted by 3 different group. Lets give an simple example that, If I placed a 99 clip on grilled fish and another group selected fried vege. How I suppose to know who ordered what? Does this make any sense? After sitting there for 15 mins, I have 'insisted' the waiter to change a 2 person seater for me and 'luckily' we got a 2 person table in 5 mins time. We were a bit more satisfy after the manager given us 2 piece of VIP coupon which only members can get.

After talking about tables, I think I better start talking on the food. As you know, we have to walk a few rounds to decide on what we gonna take for the buffet to prevent wastage. So, I have walked few rounds and found out that, there were short of food in each pot and the refill time for each food its very slow. What I meant slow is like waited for an hour also they havent fill up the food. For example, tempura area. Besides that, the food quality drops dramatically compared to the food that I had few years back. As for the VIP coupons, I have choose Alaskan Crapcrab and this is the 1st time I had this crab. The way they grilled it was way to salty for us. Another VIP coupon, I have selectwed shark fin soup. I know its not good to have shark fin soup but it was the fastest that we could think of. Before we sat at the current seat, we were told by the waiter that we have to leave before 930 because there were different group of people come for supper session and we only have 45 mins to finish up the buffet. Isn't that rush? Sigh.

Its 930pm now and we head straight to entrance and saw so many people queueing for the supper session. Only 1 word can describe the situation, CRAZY!!!!

Just mins after I left the restaurant, my stomach starts making funny noise. I was like WTF, I've paid that amount of money, TO BE EXACT, I HAVE PAID RM114.40 for this freaking buffet but I didnt get to have a nice buffet with my love ones, especially at a special date. DAMN

After a dissapointing dinner, we meet up with Hung Wei, Mich and Fattien to have a decent supper at the streets of Sri Petaling.