Thanks for all the messages guys...LOVE U GUYS...hehe..however, I'm almost fully recover still suffer from some nose blocking..hehe

There is 1 funny thing happen today...
I receive a call from one of my colleague asking me when I coming up to help her then I said coming up soon la.... then she stop for a while...and ask me :"are you hiew?" Then I said..."yeah..I'm Hiew.."I asked her back "who do you think I am? "lol
She told me that she could not recognize my voice after I suffer from flu and I cant even pronounce each word clearly...sad case right? lol
Btw, wanna share 1 random pic with you guys...

Working on my Redang pictures, gonna update on Redang soon...

hIEw88 was sick

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of update....I was sick these few days and didnt on my pc to update my blog...now am blogging in my office for the 1st time...hopefully no1 see this..hehe...I'm 70% recovered now and still got some flu virus that I need to battle with...in the mean time, please enjoy this song 1st....I like this song so much recently...hehe

Happy Birthday to Kim Hoong and Eunice

hello people....how was your weekend? This weekend I had lots of excercise and eating session....sigh...how am I gonna slim down....

Anyhow, today is Kim Hoong's big day and I would like to wish him a very happy birthday and may our friendship be last forever...hehe

besides Kim Hoong's birthday, yesterday was Eunice's birthday....and so sorry for not attending your 'party' later at nite....However, there will be a present definately from me...ok?hehe

Therefore, I would like like to wish you happy belated birthday and pretty as always?hehe