MY FM Drive Time Event @ Leisure Mall, Cheras

TGIF!!!!!!!hehe...I'm gonna stop my Redang for a while because I got so many things to post...hehe..

I went to MY FM's event last week in Leisure Mall. They held a meet the DJ session...hehe

***Check out the crowd...of course not as much as those in more famous shopping complex***

***One of the famous DJ in MY FM, Royce Tan...***

***He is giving out prizes for audience there and believe me...they just way too aggressive***

***Yet another famous DJ, Wai Fun....she is just so friendly...isn't she...hehe***

***Manage to capture a few kid's face expression when they observing their parents doing some stunt on the stage***

***I've observe her for so long, she just staring at Wai Fun...I think she just wanna become a DJ like***

Still for few more hours I can go back home....wooohooo.....cant wait WEEKEND PEEPS!!!!

Redang's Happy Moment

Although I have came back from Redang for almost 1 month but I still feel the Redang in me....

I would like to present you guys the HAPPY MOMENT we had in REDANG....hehe

***The making of Happy Moment***

***They look so exited but actually they damn scare because we sat at the back of the boat....***

***He is way just too energetic...jump here and there***

***Then they wanted to follow Happy + Siao = CONFIRMED SIAO***

***Gimme 5 babe...***

***They too can pose and did you notice Eri No2 there? lol***

***I love this so much and not taken using my cam. This pic cost me RM5 and I bought it...I dont care so much because DAMN nice!!***

***I don't know Eugene suffered to pose because of the 'weight' LOL***

***Last but not least...everyone look so tired after***

Hope you like the series of happy moment we had in Redang. Once again, I would like to thank all of you guys who went to Redang with me....I had so much FUN!!!!hehe

Colour of the Day

Hello people, how was your Saturday??? I just love RED today because almost every where I go also I saw people wearing happy and RED has became the colour of the day for me.....hohoho...
Anyway, I just came back from a delicious meal and will gonna blog about it soon? no 1 knows...haha
Just wanna share a photo of me and Leepeng.....Nice kan??hehe