Food Foundry on our 2nd

It was almost 2 or 3 weeks ago, we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary on a weekdays which I can not do that last year...hehe

anyways...I have go Iron Man's premier ticket which is showing in Curve. Thought of having some nice food in Curve but don't think there is nice food left in Curve...sigh...

Therefore, I decided to bring Leepeng to a simple place since she I decided to bring her to 6 to 10 Nasi Lemak to have some nice western food but I forgotten that 6 to 10 Nasi Lemak didn't open on Monday and we ended up in Food Foundry...

***Food Foundry serve western and as well as asian food as well...***

***I ordered this and this is one of the best spaghetti I've ever tried...and it's mussels just so fresh...and it worth the money even though it is located at some isolated housing estate..hehe***

***Leepeng ordered black pepper lamb chop served with mashed potato...the meat so soft until it can just melt inside her***

After having a delicious dinner, we head to Cineleisure and enjoy our Iron Man which is damn nice...hehe...

Going to bed now oo...gonna continue soon!!

Its her DAY

Yes, its Mothers' day today and I have gone out for the whole day and did not re-enable my blog as I was doing some adjustment on my blog and I'm still doing it now but in the mean time, it will be back to normal.

Went to lots of places to eat shop and eat again...hehe..will blog about it soon and just to share with you guys that the english premier team I supported sometime ago have finally won their 2nd Premier League Title in a row...hehe

***Picture courtesy of***

Last but not least, I took this nice picture outside my house..hope you guys enjoy it...hehe and Happy Monday to everyone!!!!