Drive Thru Toufu Fa @ Ipoh

After whacking nice delicious Dim Sum...we loitering around then we decided to have some nice Toufu Fa as known as Soy Bean pudding..Furthermore, they mentioned lets go drive thru Toufu Fa and I was like drive thru? how to drive thru?Hmm....

Let me talk you guys through the process of the drive thru

***1st of all...we reach the shopstall then the waiter will come to our car to get orders...***

***After waiting for around 2-3 mins...he then came back with our orders...***

***Check out the Toufu Fa...sooooo smooth....nice to eat...can finish within 1 min...then they will come back again to collect the bowl and we pay them Rm0.70 per bowl...***

This is something new that dont think you can see in KL...KL we got McD drive thru...KFC drive thru...Burger King drive thru....but not toufu fa drive thru...something new huh...

coming up next..our last meal in Ipoh...which means the last part of Ipoh post...fuh..finally can finish oo...hehe..stay tuned ya...

Breakfast @ Restaurant Yoke Fook Moon

OK folks....its time we travel back to Ipoh after so many birthday posts...The next day in Ipoh...we woke up around 7am++....its darn early can!! Kim Hoong's cousin brother bring us to a restaurant called Yoke Fook Moon. I've been searching on the internet...try to find a good dim sum restaurant but almost all the blogger recommending either Foh San or Ming Court, but Kim Hoong's cousin brother said Yoke Fook Moon's dim sum tasted better and the price is more reasonable...hmm

***This is the name of the looks like a hotel instead of a dim sum restaurant***

***bean curd with fish paste...i like their fish paste...its soo fresh and elastic***

***Fish my opinion...tasted so so because they include some veges inside...ruin its taste..***

**This is beancurd with prawn...those prawn...darn fresh...somemore the beancurd is nicely fried***

***Wu Kok...yam of my favourites...***

***fish paste in beancurd with sweet sour sauce can act as a appertizer because of its sauce can whet the appetite early in the morning...***

***OMG...having dim sum how not to order this....Har Gao (prawn dumpling)***

***And this....Siu Mai!!!***

***This Cheong Fun have not seen in KL called Mui Choi Cheong Fun...its a bit dry because it does not consists of soy sauce...but overall it tasted nice...***

***Next we have the normal prawn cheong fun...i like their sambal(chili paste)its a good combination with the cheong fun***

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***Last but not least...their porridge its quite tasty too somemore its quite rare in KL too..hehe***

***After we have our dim sum..we heard some DING DING DING..then we just walk straight forward to this uncle who is selling Diong Diong Tong (Ding Ding sweets) its like our old time favourites...hehe***

Aftdr Dimsum...we go pack us some Ipoh white coffee which is one of Ipoh's favourites....too bad I didnt take picture for those...but its just so nice...hehe...after that where are we going? stay tuned again ya....ciaoz

Jenifer's Birthday @ Codo

Sorry guys for being away for so many days..I was busy with so many birthdays celebrations and now only got the time to update my blog..hehe...minta maaf ya... 2 weeks ago, I was invited by Jenifer to attend her birthday celebrations at Codo, Midvalley. Codo its a vietnamese restaurant which serve delicious vietname crusines which worth the money...btw, I could not take any food pic because I was late and we all start taking picture check out those nice pic ya..

***1st of all MK with smashpOp***
***Fattien and me with siao smile...some1 is making my laugh that time...sigh***

***Jen, Rames and me***

***Iz us!!***

***WoohOO...finally can take pic with u jor...this is Eri aka***
***The handsome Ryan n Beautiful Eunice***

***bDay gal with me***

***SmashpOp with Eri***


***Last but no least...the gals at the entrance of Codo when we were leaving that time...***

Here you go with those leng chai and leng lui pic...after this...gonna be food tuned guys...