The Dark Knight - no spoiler

fuh....just got back from screening preview of Dark Knight and I have to thanks to Helen (one of my colleague who pass me the ticket..hehe) 

Try not to say anything about the movie but there is one thing I need to say is that Heath Ledger such a great actor and the way he bring the character alive....its totally different compare to other Jokers that appear on Batman gotta watch it yourself to find out why...hehe and its a bit waste that Hollywood looses such a great actor

Got this from Google...hehe

gotta go now lo....jump into my bed 1st...hehe..nites peeps

Restaurant Tak Fok with colleague

I noticed that these days I'm not as lazy as last time where only blog twice a week...hehe
By the way, I think some of you didnt get a great monday due to jam throughout whole KL

Lets talk about food now..hehe...
One fine Friday afternoon, my colleague and I decided to have lunch in Puchong since our lunch time its longer than usual...I remember once that I came with Leepeng before, so i just recommend it to my colleagues see whether they like it or turns out that some of them bring their family members and try...seems like all of them love it...hehe

***As usual, we ordered vege...hehe..healthy ma***

***One of its specialties which I did not ordered last time...Their combination of minced meat and toufoo just so delicious...***

***Although their famous dish is salted egg crab but some of us did not want to have crab so we ordered cuttlefish with salted egg.....***

***Last but not least, we ordered Marmite chicken...just like the taste because its not too for some shop, their version of marmite way too salty for me...hehe***

OK....please faster go get a tissue to wipe off all your slivers...hehe....more food to come....stay tuned ya!!

Another Relaxing Weekend

Its been another relaxing weekend even though I was called to work on Saturday which was a very tiring job but I was satisfy enough on what we accomplish that day...hehe...anyhow, after working, a few of us headed to Shah Alam to snap some photos of Bon Odori...hehe

As for today, had delicious breakfast at Jalan Imbi and head to KLCC with family in the afternoon...manage to get 3 pairs of socks only...that is what I did for the two days and how about yours?
***Took this during Bon Odori, a no smoking sign***

***One of the expansive brand in Isetan...***

***1st time posting moon picture and its only look so so only...sigh....still in learning stages..hehe***

Thats all from me for today and hope you all have a great week ahead!!!