Brickfields's Seafood Restaurant

This was a super outdated post...It was during Chinese New Year...we went to Eugene house to bai nin...After that we went to Eri's parent's restaurant have our dinner....The only comment that I can give is everything is so delicious

***1st of all, we have grilled stingray...and this stingray is freaking spicy and I love it so much..hehe***

***Nothing I can say about this vege..hehe***

***I forgotten the name of the dish but its something like thai style which I have never taste before***

***Squids are my favorites....I like it so much***

***Lastly we have toufu...***

***The attendance are Yatz and Josephine***

***Ryan and Hikaru***

***Hikaru with the beautiful Eunice***

***Lovely Leepeng and I***

***Happy Eri and Eugene***

Another update done....hopefully I can be more hardworking in the future to blog more...hehe
Anyways, hope you guys have a great weekend ahead...Ciaoz

Backstreet Boys Rox!!!

I just came back from Backstreet Boys Malaysia World Tour 2008 in Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach...Backstreet Boys rocks as always...I've known songs of backstreet boys since I was in secondary school. Not really a big fan of them but some of their songs are nice and good to listen...The concert thingy 'suppose' to start around 8pm but it only start 50 mins later and those superbsiao fans shout like no one business...

What I regretted is I didn't bring my cam there...what a waste...sigh...what to do...just have to accept it...This is the only nice picture I found from Google which is

Praying for good was your weekend? I had a rough start...been busy with work since 9am to late gonna be a simple update...

Took this picture days before Chinese new year in Tian Hou Temple...went to take picture and pray there also...pray for good health and career too...hope for a great lunar year ahead...

Continuation of PPP

Few months back, I came across some blogs writing about PayPerPost entries and it attracted me to register as their member and start writing post for them months ago. After posting my first PPP, I don’t have time to post the second one due to my working hours.

Since I got a new job now and I’m settling down my work here then I can start PPP, I’m back as a newbie of PayPerPost now. PayPerPost did offer lots of post for us to write but it is not easy to get a post that suite myself to post due to my language’s limitation.

However, I have used PayPerPost as my learning tool for me to improve my English language as I’m not a totally English educated person. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for me to brush up my grammars.

I was told that by registering PayPerPost, we can make lots of friends around the world but I did not make any friend so far. Is that sad or what? But since I start blogging almost one year ago, I have made lots and lots of friends. For those who are reading this, you should know yourself who you are? Am I right? Besides knowing bunch of friends here, PayPerPost offers money for every post we post. For the money that being offered, I will save it and use it wisely and not to waste the cash which is offered by PayPerPost. I know it is not easy to get the post being approve by them (PayPerPost) but I still try my best to write a post. Anyhow, I’m making a move to my bed now. See you guys later.

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Jay Chou Concert 2008

Wooohoo!!!! How was everyone's weekend? I had a great 1 mine this week. A group of us went for Jay's concert in Stadium Merdeka. It was almost full house. The only section which is not full house is the free standing zone...hehe

Let's the picture do the talking for now...

***This is the nearest and finest picture I got in my memory card...sweat~~***

***The stage is so huge...Jay and the dancers look so tiny...***

***Nan Quan Mama is the special appearance guest for Jay's concert, 1st time seeing their live nice***

***Before the concert ends, it ended up with a spectacular fireworks....***

***After the concert finished...we took a group shot as well***

Today is Monday already and its back to work time...sigh!!!