My 2009 Resolution

Happy new year ppl!!!!! How did your new year eve celebration? Mine was so so only....

Anyhow...I've been thinking what will be my new year resolutions.....hehe

I wish I can complete it within this year...hehe

1. Treat Leepeng better
2. Hope to improve my photography skill
3. Excel in work
4. Getting EF 28-105mm f/4-5.6 USM or EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM
5. Go for more holiday than this year
6. Get thinner than this year

I think 6 should be enough at this moment...Hopefully I can fulfill all my wish list by the end of this year...hehe

Singapore Foods = Malaysia Foods?

Since most of you guys seen the night scenery of Singapore and now lets check on their foods'll know what i mean

***1st time visit this restaurant in AMK mall...which stands for Ang Mou Kio...this is where i stay***

***Their squids looks nice right?....and it taste nice also but this can be get any restaurant in KL...***

***Chicken Cheese fingers....the cheese tasted so so only...***

***On the 2nd day...I had some sort of dried curry noodle but I not sure whats the name....forgotten...hehe***

***I love this so much...pig's spare parts...but i think this pig should be imported from Malaysia as you think so?LOL*** 2 more days...we gonna entering year 2009 fast huh.....yet another year of blogging....Hoping for a better year ahead...hehe....gonna post my resolution of 2009 soon...keke