Journey to Arena of Stars

I just came back from Cloverfield, not to say a very nice film....because normally those monster or alien movie will mention on how the government fight or destroy those things or some superheroes defeated those monster...but this movie shows how a citizen went through all those attacks which is a great idea still feeling a bit dizzy after watching the movie..hehe

Ok...lets continue my HK post...I think I gotta finish my post asap...I'll try to finish it by 2 more post....hope some of you dont get bored of this and dont wan visit my blog again o...

Continuous of my previous post....still at our 3rd day of Hong Kong but I did skip lots of things before I come to my pic below. After Wong tai Sin, we went for Dim Sum then we goto Stanley, Hong Kong Island for sight-seeing...I took lots of pictures there but too bad....gotta skip those...

After been to Stanley, we back to the City area, Causeway Bay and met a friend of Steph, and she would like us to know her as Qiu Yan(Superman in Cantonese) and dont ask me why***

***After walking from Causeway bay to Star Ferry Habour with hand full of clothes from Sogo which is darn tiring...hehe...then we waited for the ferry to come...then then....camwhore on the ferry...and they are Qiu Yan, Steph and Leepeng***

***And its our turn...***

***The star ferry habour in Tsim Sha Tsui which is the detination of the ferry***

***After walking for sometime, I finally found a spot to take this picture....nice or not?***
***According to Steph, this tower its a famous landmark for Hong Kong people to meet each other...***

***Jealous at those people where they can enjoy the incredible scenery while reading books....KL dont***

***I was a bit regreted that I found out about this ship offers free ride only for visitors....which I read through this website...sigh...will I go there again...***

***I think I wanna buy a photo frame to frame this memorable picture....hehe***
***After walking for 15 mins, finally we reach Arena of Stars where we saw lots of Hong Kong super stars hand print is shown here...***
***We saw 1 car where it is a shop selling souvenir during day time...we dont care...we just pose***

***Last but not least...I dont care also...I jump with the scenery behind nice right?hehe***
Fuh...another Hong Kong post finish...can faint....Ok lo...going to sleep now....continue soon...have a nice Sunday ya...

Hikaru Bday @ Pasta Zanmai

This is a super duper late was around 2 weeks ago, we celebrated Hikaru's birthday at Pasta there tasted so so because its the combination of Japanese food and Italian food...if you only prefer either Japanese or Italian, I won't recommend you to go...

I didnt really took any food pic because of my camera just took ppl faces...

***bday boy with Jenkin and Josephine...p/s : OMG josephine***

***Sabrina, Eunice and Ryan are among those who attend...***

***Its our turn also...***

***We bought a cake for Hikaru...the cake tasted nice ooo..hehe***

***Last but not pic and thanks to the waiter to help us to take...hehe***
Thats all about Hikaru's bday celebration....after this gonna be Fattien's bday many bdays....when will my Hong Kong trip finish o...

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Today I gonna write about a place that I went in Hong Kong...a very famous temple in Hong Kong which is Wong Tai Sin Temple...

Before we head to the temple, we meet up with our local 'tour guide' which is Steph...

***I think one of the unit is her house...hehe***

***After loitering at her house, we took MRT to Wong Tai Sin station***

***The entrance, not even special day and its so crowded...***

***Magnificant structure, didnt put a watermark in it because dont wan spoil the picture***

***One of the main temple among the group of temples...***
***Accidentally snap this lady praying...***

***After showing the temple...its our turn***

***of camwhoring...hehe***
Thats all for the story of temple...and my next post gonna fly back to HK and talk about bdays...hehe..stay tune oo

ShihLin Taiwan Street Snack

I dont feel like blogging about HK now even though I have tons of picture to post...and yet I feel like I wanna blog about food now..hehe

Ben had been telling me about the food from one fine day, I finally wanna give it a try...Those pictures took from 1Utama, Pavillion and Low Yat Plaza because 1 time cant eat so much food...

***ShihLin's of the famous street in Taiwan that consists of variety of snacks***

***Their menu...only consists of crispy chicken, oyster mishua, fries and Crispy floss***

***O-ah mi-sua... one of my favourite...I not a fan of mi-sua but I like this..because of its sauce and oyster***

***Crispy Floss Egg Crepe, its like popiah which only consists of chicken floss without nice***
I dont have the picture of other food because I got no hand to take pictures....