Lost and Found CF card in Times Square 4 Years back

OK...I know this sounds a bit SIAO but I got a story to tell...

4 years back....I found a CF card in Times Square car park where the card was placed on top of my car...and I didnt know its a CF card so I kept it somewhere that no one knows until just now I was cleaning my drawer and I found the card...so I put it into my card reader which I bought few months back...and saw a group of friends went to Europe...where so many nice shots taken using that cam....so I thought..its a bit pity for them to lost their CF card with so many precious moment inside...SO WHO EVER YOU KNOW INSIDE THE PICTURE...PLEASE LET ME KNOW...I'LL RETURN THE CARD TO YOU!!!


Please send me an email on hiew88@hotmail.com

Short Journey to Malacca

Went to Malacca with the guys during Raya holiday and took some nice shots there...hehe...

Been so busy these 2 weeks and didnt even have time to travel and the Malacca trip was a bit rushing but enjoying because of JasonMumbles I tasted lots of delicious food...hehe...

anyway...thats some of the shots taken 2 days ago...

***Taken in Street of Jonker..where one of the new product there...***

***One of the many temple in Malacca....hehe***

Thats all for now lo....gonna continue soon but with my Kuantan Trips shots...hehe