Secret Santa's party @ TGI Fridays

I'll take a short...a very short break on my Hong Kong post because I scare I might forget about this post...ok..I was invited by Miss Jennifer Ooi to attend a Xmas party...and when I reach Pavillion only I found out it was a secret santa paiseh...and the dinner took place at TGI Fridays, Pavillion KL.

What secret santa means, it means that everyone is a Santa among us and we are instructed by the organizer to give the gifts to the person but that particular person does not know about fun oo....

Those of attended are, the organizer Jen, Rames, Jason, Hikaru, Cherrie, Eunice, Junn, Yat, Josephine, Adrian, CK, Yow, Jacklyn and finally hIEw...hehe

anyhow...lets enjoy pic..hehe

***The appertizer...very cheesy...not really nice to eat...because it my stomach half way full...***

***Jason ordered Buffulo Wings which is can they screwed the chicken wing right?hehe***

***Hikaru's Fried calamari...taste so so also..hehe***

***I ordered brown rice with some fried white fish...taste so so sauce on the fish..and the mayo sauce not nice at all...sigh***

***Rames ordered this White fish with Rice too..according to him..its quite feeling...***

***Its our dessert, most of us ordered this because it is belongs to the set ma..hehe..***

***Junn is my secret santa and I'm CK's secret santa but i didnt took a pic to him...sigh...***

***All white plus a dot red...hehe***

***Last but not least....the group pic..hehe...nice mou?hehe***

Ok la...coming up next..should be my day two of my Hong Kong trip..where did I go?Stay tuned ya!!!

Arriaval in Hong Kong

After walking around Macau, we finally decided to take a boat trip to our main destination which is Hong Kong. I didnt took much picture during the trip from Macau to Hong Kong because we are just too rush and too crowded for me to take my camera out...

After 1 hour of 5 mins of boat riding, we finally step our foot in the soil of Hong Kong...once arrive in Hong Kong, we faster go find food because we have not had our actual meal yet. We only had some snacks like portugese egg tart or some roast ba qua(sliced meat)...

**After searching the whole complex , Harbour City Mall, we decided to have our so call lunch at their food court and I ordered pepper salt crispy chicken...which is nice..because that time hungry ma..hehe**

***The chicken comes together with Ramen...***

***and vege too and it only cost approx RM13***

***Mean while, LeePeng ordered honey chicken wings which tasted extreamely, i repeat, extreamly sweet..which ruin the taste of the chicken***

***After our lunch + dinner, we walk out of the mall and this is how the entrance looks xmas...hehe***

***Check out Tsim Sha Tsui's tall leh...and nice also***

***The stree so busy....and so many ppl crossing road....***

***After taking some pics, we start our journey to our hotel, we walked, we took train, we took taxi but actually no need take taxi also can reach but we just too tired...and this is our Kowloon area***

***The entrance***

***After resting at our hotel for a short while, we met up with our own friendly tour guide...Stephanie...which came to Malaysia few months back***

***This is a western food restaurant which serve cheap western food but the environment not really ok la..hehe...I ordered combo set which consists of 2 big pieces of steak...scallops and prawns...super delicious man...***

***Mean while, Leepeng and stephanie ordered rib eye which consists of 2 big big pieces of steak also...can faint leh***

***After our satisfying dinner, we walk around the streets of Mong Kok....***

***Mong Kok definately a paradise for a shopoholic...they have shops selling gadgets, clothes, accessories and many many more...!!!***
***Guess what Rames doing??***
Thats all for today's 'report' going to sleep now....will continue later lo...ciaoz...

Macau...I came I saw I left


Well...time flies and its 2008 now and I've been blogging nearly 1 year...and hopefully 2008 will be a great year for all my family and friends...

As I mentioned earlier...something big is coming to here...The big thing is my Hong Kong post started...

***30,000 feet from sea....that time getting so excited jor..hehe**

***nth to do before the plane take so we..hehe...camwhore lo***

***Once we landed we straight pose in front of 'my plane'(Air Asia) who send me to Macau..hehe***

***Now its my blur face....not yet wake up..hehe***

***Street outside the airport...this is where we wait for bus to send us to harbour***

***After taking bus to harbour...we took another bus to this place....a must go place in Macau...scroll more to find out more..but dont scroll so fast wor...***

***One of the building in that european..hehe***

***European feel building but full of asian faces..hehe***

***I lke this personally...***

***Thats my target!!!Sao Paulo Catheral...wanna go there fast fast***

***we saw lots of shop while we walk up the stairs...***

***Here I come...finally got the chance to touch the catheral..hehe***

***A view from top of the catheral...they have some stairs for us to climb up and take a peek...hehe***

***Their post office...I was close because it was Sunday***

***Can spot the difference?hehe...1 of the pic took from Macau Fair at the Curve...and another one is the REAL 1....its like a dream come true..kaka***

***Another version of streets of Macau...***

***After visiting the Catheral...we then took another bus and head to Fisherman's Wharf...Its like an ammusement park in Macau...but I not sure why its to quiet that day...somemore that day so cloudy...***

***They know I taking their fast swim towards me..hehe***

Thats all for my Macau trip...coming up next will be my Hong Kong pic....more pics soon..see ya

2 more days...

Hi guys...just 2 more days....its a brand new year...where will you guys gonna go tomorrow to celerate the arrival of 2008...

Sorry I could not update my hong kong post because the server I normally upload to is down. Furthermore, I was sick for 2 days and now I gotta 'use' other ppl's line to get connected because my streamyx is down for no reason...what to do...TM NET did a great job...I'll update my post asap once I got all my pics back...

Anyway...hIEw would like to wish all of you a very happy new year and a great year ahead...hopefully its a good year...hehe...happy holidays...

signing off,