Lunch @ Restoran 3U, Taman Tayton

Last week, LeePeng and I went for a relaxing lunch in Taman Tayton, Cheras. Initially we wanted to goto the famous fish ball noodle but since we never try this Restoran 3U which recomended by Ho Chak in 8TV, so we just change our location to Restoran 3U. Restoran 3U provide varieties of Beef noodle but too bad I myself could not take beef so my choices are limited. Lets check out those food pic first and I'll talk about the food.

For your information, from now on I try to upload bigger picture to show how DELICIOUS the food is...keke

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***This is the front door of the restaurant, if you coming from Kajang or Connought Highway, you will see the turning to Taman Tayton, after turning into left and drive for few hundreds meters and you will see the shop its on your right..hope you guys understand my poor directions***

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***This is their version of prawn mee and the prawn its soo big and its so fresh...and the soup its so clear and not so spicy for myself...***

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***LeePeng ordered this, prawn and chicken slices noodle...the soup its so clear and tasty...furthermore it tasted like a prawn soup...***

If you would like a pleasant lunch or if you craving for fresh prawn noodles, I think this could be the best place that you need to go... and the price its reasonable too...we ordered 2 drinks + 2 bowl of noodles its just around Rm15.00...

p/s : while I saliva keep drooling too.....sigh...its time for supper now..hehe...have a nice weekend ahead...=)

Stinky Tofu @ Conought Night Market

This time I would like to share my 1st time experience eating Stinky tofu...For your information, Stinky tofu is a form of fermented tofu, which, as the name suggests, has a strong odor. It is a popular snack in Connought night market. As mentioned earlier...from far LeePeng and I can smell the stinky tofu....wanted to try everytime we pass by...but I myself not really like the smell so didnt try...but most of the time was sold out... This time around...we were there early and decided to buy 4 pieces to try...

***Check out the slogan...'aroma across a thousand miles' which is true but not thousand miles la..hehe***

***This is the aunty who selling the tofu...I wonder how is her reaction when she start selling those tofu***

***Those crispy tofu....***

Although you smell stinky from far...when you eat with their chilli sauce...ITS A PERFECT COMBINATION....for my own opinion...its really tasty and smell nice....and its just RM2.40 for 4 pieces...If you dare...please go try...they do appear at Taman Muda night market too...hehe

Satay Celup @ Malacca

Roughly 2 weeks consists of LeePeng and I, Sam and Josephine went to Malacca for a day trip...its my 3rd time going there this year...believe it or not...we still can get lost....hehe...will post some random shots soon...but I would like to talk about Satay Celup...because I myself never tasted before...hehe...

When I asked so many friends on where is the best Satay Celup in Malacca...most of them will intro me go to the satay celup in CAPITOL but according to Fooxion there is a better shop

ITS called McQUEK' is super duper clean for my own opinion..and the price its affordable for almost all of us...which is Rm0.40 (40cents) per stick...and their food its totally fresh...and the service provided its excellent...i'll explain later why their service its so good...hehe

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***This is the name of the shop...McQuek's remind me of McD..hehe...Took this while waiting for our table...its quite crowded there after 7pm...and then....***

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***we got our table but not our sauce yet...then camwhore lo...hehe...izzz us...!!***

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***then Sam and Josephine's turn...hehe..they look happy but they damn hungry...can eat a lot..hehe***

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***wootzzz...our soup/sauce its here...why i said service is good its because...those waiter will come to our table every 10 to 15 mins to stir on the is because the peanuts on the sauce will sink into the bottom of the pot and it the peanut will be over cook...and the sauce will not be tasty anymore***

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***This satay celup its a buffet style but as what i said earlier....40cents per stick but dont over take as you will be charged too..hehe***

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***my favourite....quill's egg...and brinjal...I LIKE!!!***

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***FASTER COOK CAN?!?!? damn hungry la***

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***1 stick consists of 3 fishballs and its so tasty...***

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***This is the amount of sticks we have...approximately 100 sticks i guess...25 sticks for each of us and we already darn full...***

Here is the location : Its a few shops before old NEWTON food court(because there is a new Newton Foodcourt opposite Dataran Pahlawan)...i cant remember the road name...but i can direct u there...If you coming from Dataran Pahlawan...go straight then turn left and equatorial is on the left side when u pass it...go straight all the way(p/s if u turn left instead of stragiht u end up in jonker street again)...u will eventually see McQUEKS on the left after few mins of driving...make sure you dont miss the shop...its next to a Shell Station...hehe

Fuh....its late now...I think I better go to sleep now...will post more more food soon ya...ciaoz....

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition @ Putrajaya

Will stop post food entry for today and showing you guys the pictures that I took during MIFC at Putrajaya...will not be as good as those guys who got slr...but I've selected a few pictures that I think its you go..

***The bridge...took this will we were in the jam...***

***Here u go...coconut tower..hehe***

***Personally...i think this is my best shot...sigh***

***If you were there...the whole sky its covered by them...the 3 colour balls..hehe***

***This 1 too....its like a golden sky....OMG..hehe***

***nice nice??***
***Finally of lo..***
I remember after the firework event...I was so tired because I went to Malacca the day before..speaking of Malacca...OMG....forgotten about it..hehe...will post that soon ya....ciao..

Epi bday to Sam and Josephine!!

I would like to wish Sam a belated birthday as her bday its on the 8th and happy bday to Josephine as her bda its on the 11th...Hope you guys will have a great bday celebration...hehe..

***hey gals....dedicate this entry for you guys..hehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA!!!***