Youth 08 Traffic Jam, Here I come!!

I got a news I have to announce here....I got an email from Nuffnang where I was shortlisted for today Youth '08 Traffic Jam event...

Actually I forgotten about this event but Hung Wei mentioned it to me on MSN so I just go and sign up and thats it...I'm in...hehe

So....please do come to PWTC and vote for my blog....but what I know many bloggers taking part too...and I gonna see them on that day too....

When I was reading on the Youth '08 website...I noticed that TM Net's iTalk Buddy was the main sponsor...and I was given credit of rm30 to try on their service which I just to it and havent got the chance to try on it yet...but if you asking me on how should I spend my rm30 of credit wisely...I would say that the 1st person I wanna try on is my Mom then its LeePeng...hehe...

Although talking to them is important but like what I said so...have to use it wisely...therefore, I'll fully utilize those credit to call all my friends to VOTE for!!!!

Anyhow, I'll see you guys there in PWTC this saturday !!!

Madame Tussauds of Hong Kong

i finally finish edit these few photos...really busy these days...could not update so frequent but I will try my best to upload as many times as possible..hehe comes 2nd part of 2nd day...After spending a day in Ocean Park, we back to Hong Kong city and head to the trem station...
***This is the entrance of the like our version of LRT***

***Here comes the we get into the tren..hehe..where the train going to leh?hmm***

*** meet Bruce Lee....woohoo***

***And Kelly Chan...OMG...she so tall!!!***
***Yes, we at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong and we met Mr and Mrs nice oo...***

***Then I 1 on 1 battle with James Bond...who won leh?hehe***

***Of coz not us lo....we lose and we went to jail...***
***And we met lots of Hong Kong Singers and nice can...actually there are lots of famous ppl in that musuem but just way too many of I just put some of it...***

***Then we walk up a few floors and reach the terrace area of Peak's nice can...where you can do something on the terrace***

***Which is....check out the OMG view...I cant imagine if i got a slr...omg....get poisoned almost everyday...can die...thanks to some of you....bwek***
***Then we manage to ask a Korean couple to help us to take picture for both of us...***

***Then we camwhore ourself again....hehe***

***After loitering around the peak's shopping complex, we took tren ---> bus ---> MRT back to Wong Kok and get some snack...***

***We got us shark fin soup but of couse not the real version...but its nice too...***
***And bbq delicious...***

***AND SMELLY TOUFU....damn love it...***

***Last but not least....manage to get beef balls too...*** 2nd day finish at last....whats my next post about? stay tune ya...I got a news share with you guys...hehe

Happy Birthday Fattien

I know I have been delaying my Hong Kong post for so busy with my work recently and got lots of outing..hehe...anyhow I just came back from Fattien's birthday party at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng at Leisure tired now and gonna post some pic soon....and this would be one of the pic we took earlier....

hIEw siging off now!!!