Midori @ Cineleisure

ta da~~i'm back from my lazyness of blogging..hehe...Would like to share with you guys my food hunting during the weekend. Last weekend, Leepeng suddenly suggest we go Curve for a movie and shopping..hehe...We were thinking where should we have our lunch before we go for our movie(Blades of Glory), . . After we collected our movie ticket..we did some survey on Cineleisure and we found out a restaurant where they are food in japanese ice cream. So we ended up at a shop call Midori located at 1st floor of Cineleisure...ok folks...check out the pics 1st.....but this time...lag of pics also because I too busy swallowing eating the food...hehe

***Took this when waiting for food..nothing to do ma...hehe***

***I like their candle container(not sure the exact name...you guys can correct me if you guys know)they have another version whether there is a cute little butterfly on top of the container***

***Our favourite...Dragon Fruit(Pitaya) smooties...damn nice can!!they have lots of flavour which will try next time oo...***

***I ordered this...Tempura Squid Bento...their food so so only...but acceptable la..hehe..still prefer their dessert***

After we finished our meal, we planned to order one of the many desserts but too bad...we were too full to order so definately I'll pay them another visit just to grab some dessert... Overall, the food was ok...its ambiance was nice because it painted in pink which feel so warm...besides that...its WiFi enabled..hehe...check my next entry...something you guys might not had before...stay tuned ya...hehe..cheers from hIEw

Muhibbah @ TTDI

fuh fuh....lucky I remember about this food entry because I went to this place almost two weeks ago...pai seh...hehe...I think exactly 2 weeks ago...I had a 2 hours dinner break where I have more choices for my dinner so Jam and I decided to goto Muhibah to cure our hungryness....

***This is how 'crowded' when we reach there...hehe***

***According to Jam, they are famous for their fried rice...which I love it so much and this is a must eat food when you visit Muhibah***

***We ordered Kangkung(also called Water Spinach or Water Convolvulus) fried with belacan***

***Jam ordered watermelon juice***

***Check this out...guess what is this...its sweet sour chicken(Halal version of koo Lu Yuk)..the reason they had this dish because this restaurant is run by Muslim but they adopt chinese cooking style....This dish also one fo the recomended dish..hehe***

***Last but not least...we welcoming the main dish of the night which is Fried squid...I like this too because its flour has its own taste too where they added some spices before they soak the squids into the flour...sounds like professional pulak...hehe but this dish also one of the must eat dish...hehe***

When the bill came we need only pay RM16 per person where it is resonable for a seafood restaurant...The ambiance at the restaurant quite nice for weekdays but for weekend I heard it will be super the crowded where you need to book your place if you would like to have a pleasant dinner...hehe...stay tuned to my next entry...will intro more nice food oo...ciaoz

For more information :
Muhibbah Seafood
60 & 62 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 7727 3153