Simple Post Version 2

today is a public holiday and yet I was working today throughout the day...excited at first but when I was driving to office..already feel bored...sigh..

anyway...would like to share a picture I took last week with you guys.

btw...I'm still waiting my car release from 'hospital' wonder how long they fix my car...sigh

Ah Sa severely injured

15th of March will be one of my worst day in my life...I was bang by a stupid kenari and because of the force of car bang Nissan's X-Trail even though I was on my brake...the best part is that the kenari owner blame me for not moving forward because the traffic light was green but the thing is....another traffic light in front was showing RED....I WAS LIKE....WTH.....I was being blamed and he is the 1 who bang me....

Another best thing is after reporting in Serdang's Police station, the person who bang me called me and said sorry with all the other bullshit. After saying sorry, he ask me whether I was being summoned or not because he get summoned. I ask him why should I being summoned? He said because I bang the car infront of me. Then I tell him....why should I being summoned where you knocked me only I knock the car infront of me...then he starting to bullshit again by saying then its not fair because only I 'kena' summoned....TOTALLY BULLSHIT RIGHT? this kind of people...after accident also still not knowing what is his fault....'so damn nice of him' because I need to thank him for giving me a miserable weekend....THANK YOU

btw here are the damages...