Little Taiwan @ Mid Valley

Fuhh....still so exited about my Luna's party..the day after my Luna party is my birthday so I decided to spend time with my girlfriend LeePeng...Initially we did not plan anything for my birthday and we just follow the was so relax...cut the story short....we walk here and there decide where to have our we pass by a shop in 3rd Floor Midvalley...we saw a restaurant call Little Taiwan...we have seen Little Vietnam...Little Penang so we decided to try this as dont complain ya....because its gonna be a hungry post...i guess...hehe
***This is the name of the restaurant...Little Taiwan***
***We ordered Jasmine Purple Plum tasted like medicine....ewww and the best part is does not look purple to me...hehe***
***Forgotten its english's name, i think its Pepper Salt fried chicken...I like this fried chicken..because the meat so juicy...***
***Spicy(Ma La) Dumpling(GaoZi) Ramen...Ma lak in Mandarin means super spicy but its just tasted spicy for us..hehe***
***This is the 1 I order...Claypot Rat Noodle(again..dunno how to translate to eng..its Lau Shu Fen)...I like this as well...especially the uses Taiwan sausage...its just a bit too dry***
My opinion on this restaurant or i should name it as cafe...its famous dishes actually are all in beef which I can not have them...sigh~~~must ask LeePeng try next time and review to you guys....anyway...its worth coming back here 2nd time as there are a few side dishes look nice too..hehe....

my burfday @ Luna

weee~~~I'm back from was a tiring throughout the trip....had so much nice food and met so many people there...hehe...but now back to my bday's I said on my previous post...I went to Luna Bar @ Pacific Regency Hotel Apartment with girlfriend, Leepeng and friends Jen, Hikaru, Junn, Jason, Eunice, MayKuan, Ryan and girlfriend Ellen(hope the spelling correct), nkWai...last but not lease are Yatz and his dearest...Josephine..hehe..we had so much fun in Luna....camwhores every corner of the bar

***The entrance of mysterious..***

***Once we walk up to the entrance...this is their actual entrance..nice leh***

***We took a group pic after Yatz and Josephine were here...(L > R)nkWai, Junn, MayKuan, pOp, Yatz, Josephine, Jen, Eunice, Hikaru, me and the girlfriend LeePeng***

***Ryan with his 350D came late but so fast camwhore with pOp's n95***

***Now is pOp and Jen's turn..haha***

***Of coz now LeePeng and my turn burfday boy wor..hehe***

***Its Junn, MayKuan and Eunice***

***Thank you the waiter for helping me take the pic together with KL scenery***

***The cake is here!!!!then me and Jen camwhore with the cake..hehe***

***hIEw with the cake!!!***

***Ryan with the girlfriend Ellen...nice to meet ya Ellen***

*** Junn with 350D and Ryan stole my cake...sob sob***

***Last but not least...the bday boys with the GALS!!!!!hehe***

***Now its the guys's turn...***

All I wanna say for this outing is THANK YOU ALL OF guys the best....fuh....finally finish my bday update 1 would be Malacca....hehe...stay tuned ya.....