Zak Gen

I finally finish edited my pics...took me so long because I was a bit busy with some stuffs...

roughly..dont't know how many weeks ago...Leepeng and i with a bunch of guys which consists of nkwai, fattien, Hung Wei, Anston, Lynn went to this Zak Gen Charity show. Thanks to Fattien and Anston we got the ticket to get into the stadium...

WARNING!this post will be full of pics...hehe

***The show starts at 630pm and its 620pm and we are still outside pose....faint can!!***

***Leepeng cool pose....hehe***

***Fattien's famous pose....he still can talk to Anston...hehe***

***After Anston met us, we straight enter the stadium but...we sat too far so we decided to take our own pic rather than the stage's performance...hehe***

***Lonely chair...can I join you guys in front?sobnezz***
***This is the best I can shot from the place we sitting...cant even see their face clearly...btw they are Danny Wan and Rao Yan Ting***

***After sitting the same place for half an hour...I suggest we make a move further in front since all the people just walk in and out....btw...this is the MC of the day where I run straight to the front of the stage and took this pic...***

***Whats next? by looking at it sure lion is coming to dance lo..hehe***

***This is the only good shot I got because they dance too fast...***

***Next we had our very own superstar...Erra Fazirra and Guang Liang...The story behind those shots is me and fattien went to the front of the stage even though the rain is getting heavier...just want to shot a nice pic..hehe***
***Another nice shot clear shot of Guang Liang...he is just a few feet away from me...kakaka***

***Guang Liang singing Tong of his famous song***
*** many of his shots..hehe***

***He then run down from the stage and try to shake hand with the audience...hehe***
***Last but not least...they got fireworks too but that time we were leaving so I shot this pic from outside the nice can!!!***
***frankly speaking...I like this...2 circle chain together....hehe***

Fuh...finally updated...sorry for not updating so frequent recently due to some issue that I have to handle....will back to normal soon...btw have a nice weekend ya...hehe...

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