Sek Hou @ Times Square

Last week Sunday, a few of us Eugene, Ryan, fattien, me and Leepeng meet up at Times Square for the photography event in Times Square but by the time we reach there..all the important event has ended so we looking some place to have our lunch @ After sometime of deciding, finally we ended up at a new restaurant in Times Square, Sek Hou

***Sek Hou is the name of the restaurant and it means Stone(Sek) Good(Hou) in***

***Their menu looks like a photo album for me because its too thick***
***They even have a magazine rack for their customer***

***While Ryan checking out the menu...I 'kacau' him to camwhore...***

***Then Eugene with his new uhhmm***

***Then Eugene shot us...with his uhmmm..hehe..then the food came...***

***Ryan's cream chicken rice...according to tasted ok...Ryan to Eugene : " NaNaNa...better order yourself 1...i warn you..dont take mine!!!"***

***Ryan finally got to be with his 'rice pot'***

***LeePeng ordered a Tomyam own opinion, I still prefer the Tomyam corner in Shemelin...because its just spicy where tomyam I suppose it has to be sour and spicy as well....***

***I ordered a seafood noodle...its like fried meehoon with some prawns, fishes and calamari which not worth the money...***

***Eugene ordered this...initially he does not want to eat but seeing 3 of us having our meal...he can not 'tahan' already...then he ordered peanut butter toast which is his favourite***
After the late lunch...we walk here and there wondering where should we go...check out the next part...see where we went.....hehe.... just finish Heroes Season 2 1st episode...already so 'gan cheong' already....2nd episode faster come out la..hehe***

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