Happy Mom's Day

Its 13th of May and its a day to celebrate the greatness of every mom in this world...of coz i celebrated with my mom too..by the way, i would like to take this oppurtunity to wish all the moms in every corner of the world happy mothers' day...

As planned earlier, we decided to go for some healthy food so we celebrate moms' day at Organic Country Farm, 1Utama which is one of my mom's favaourite restaurant so far. The service there was nice and friendly especially when the waiter intro us some food which is today's specialties. The ambiance was cooling because the restaurant situated next to the Rain Forrest's park where the air was so refreshing......all I can say is...it was a great and healthy mom's day celebration......hehe

***This is the restaurant that we went***

***This is today's specialties Organic Chicken Mushroom with toufu, which I ordered***

***My brother ordered Tomyam Fried Mihun, organic also leh...so healthy can!!...hehe***

***Another today's special, Toufu puff made from some veges and rice...quite tasty oo***

For your information, I didnt manage to shoot the food that my mom had because once the food came she fast fast eat due to her super hungriness...hehe...the dish she had is Organic Vege Nasi Lemak which her rendang its made from Pumkin, raisins, tomatoes....super healthy oo...hehe

***After we had our lunch, we shoot shoot pic around the Rain Forrest...and she is my lovely mummy la....pretty leh...***

***Thanks for the lady who took this pic for us but her hand a bit shaky..so the pic quite blur***

***Thank you Yahoo! for the poster..***

After lunching, we went for a movie in GSC and my brother had brought tickets for Nest Next starting Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel...this movie its about a Las Vegas showroom magician Cris Johnson has a secret which is a gift and a curse which torments him where he can see a few minutes into the future....for more information, watch yourself..hehe and that is what i planned for my mom for Mothers' day celebration which she also happy...so she happy...my brother and i happy lo...hehe...will upload more entry soon...cheers from hiew!!!

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