Anyone going for WTF?

Dont get me wrong..I'm not trying to scold some particular person here in this brother mentioned to me that...we'll be seeing lots of WTF very soon this year...and I've started to scratch my head...what is he talking about? 

After a few minutes, I realized that WTF meant for Wilayah's car plate...WTF...not stands for What The F*** where most of you misunderstood for...hehe

As far as I know, the latest wilayah car plate number is WSD/ in no time, we'll be seeing WTF on the street...WTF right?hehe...SO any idea on what will be the best number which suits WTF?hehe....

Hopefully you guys wont get bored of my stupid jokes here...just that I'm just way too lazy to edit pictures to post it on the blog...hehe