I'm back and congrats-congrats!!

Woohoo...I re-appear back to the blogging world as I was away for training for 3 days and before was involved in 2 wedding shots and went back to Kuantan as well and the most important thing is that I have missed Jenifer's bday party...sigh....so tiring...anyhow...would like to do a short updates..since everyone is putting their wedding pic too...I also upload some pics and to promote our new photography team...Alluring Memoirs...we are still developing the website but its gonna up soon...stay tune...in the mean time, here are the pics...

***1st of all congrats to Yan Ling and Sam for their wedding...hehe***

***Next 1..I would like to congrats to Poon Ting and Yee for their very 1st pre-wedding shot...hope they like it...hehe

***btw...I went back to Kuantan throughout the whole weekend and this is one of the shot I took in Sg Lembing...***

Hari Raya coming soon o..and I would like to share this opportunity to wish all my malay colleagues and friends..Selamat Hari Raya

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