Mothers' Day Special Part 1 : Woods Macrobiotics

I'm back in the blogging business again...sorry for lacks of update recently because I was busy on some projects where I have no time to update my recently food visits...hehe

On 11th of May, it is a special day for all the is mothers' day...

***On Mothers' day, I brought my mom to this organic shop where she can have her organic food there...hehe..This shop is located at Bangsar which provides variety of healthy food...***

***We ordered a set lunch which consists the following...the meatless siu mai made of veges and mushroom***

***Next we got dumpling as well, I love this because the dumpling is marinated and it is***

***I think the green colour thingy is seaweed or something...hehe but I quite like this bean curd as well because of its sauce is made from miso...***

***This bowl of noodle is not part of the set, we ordered seperately...charcoal noodle obviously made from it has no charcoal smell and it is one of the healthiest noodle among all the noodles on the market...***

***OPS....wrong spelling on healthy..hehe...This nugget is made from sweat potato with carrot and with some other unknown spices..hehe***

***Their own version of nasi lemak....damn nice but too bad its a small portion...for your information, this nasi lemak is not made from santan, it is made purely from kunyit (yellowish kind of ginger)...and its sambal (chilli sauce) damn nice***

***Finally we have the organic Tiramisu...I still prefer the original Tiramisu because of its coffee and chocolate taste...hehe***

OK guys...I'm done for this post and hopefully I my project finish soon and I start start my blogging business back in no time!!!...hehe

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